Jennifer " Daughter of Penny and Hunter in August. She is 7 1/2 months and is a great dog! We love love love her! She is super smart and We are thinking about putting her in agility. I love this pic of her.  "


Tracie " I wanted you to know that we love him to pieces, and many people tell us that he's the cutest dog in the world (and they're right!). Chester weighs about 60 pounds, but he thinks he's a lap dog. Thank you for such a great dog! Whoever buys a puppy from you is in for a treat!   "


Wendy " Who hasn't fallen in love with him (even my dad, who doesn't care for dogs!).Thanks again for everthing!  I have found him, so hopefully they have called or will be calling soon.  Some have already heard of your kennel! Happy holidays!! "


Mary and Mark " Hey Stephanie, how do you like our handsome boy??? Teaching him to walk on the treadmill because I probably won't go out when it's -40. Riley's a love and we are so happy with him. I would highly recommend a goldendoodle for anyone. He's always a hit at the dog park!!! Take care, hope all is well. "

-Mary and Mark-

Becky " Maya is a true love.  We adopted her at the age of 2 this past August and she is fitting Buddy really likes her too!   It was fun for me to see on your website what her mom and dad look like.  No wonder she is so gorgeous!   "


Cindy Preston " I got Izzie from you on October 18th she was one of your pups born on 7-7-08.  She has been a total joy and so lovable!!!  She is such a good puppy and I get a lot of compliments on her.  She is living like a queen in our house!!!! She has just been to the groomers for her Christmas trim.  Please feel free to share the picture to potential buyers if you would like so  they see how they will look as they get older. "

-Cindy Preston-

Satisfied Customer " Enjoying the Pool "

-Satisfied Customer-

Angie " Here are some pictures of Lucy.   We just love her so much.  She has a great personality and is great with everyone.  She loves to play outside.  She especially loves to go to our cabin, were she can explore everything.  She loves the water too, though she hasn't mastered the art of swimming, yet!  "


Audra " Fit Our Family Beautifully! "



-Happy Owner-

Rosenblad Family " Roxi, Goldendoodle owned by the Rosenblad family "

-Rosenblad Family-

Mr. Hank " Hello Stephanie and Family,  Here are pictures of the Goldendoodle we have from you.  He still thinks he is human and demands the same attention as a child.  Tell folks when they buy these wonderful happy little critters they should make them awarethey are DOGS.....We thank you for the joy he has brought to our house,and hardily endorse your pups. By the way Mountain Dew bottles are his favorite toy can't play outside without one!            "

-Mr. Hank-

Happy Owner " Greetings, Stephanie. I am sending you an update on the border collie/golden retriever dog I purchased from you. His name is Willow and he is 45 pounds at 7 months. He is a great joy and is like his mama, Savannah. He loves to sleep on top of you but will not give up when playing fetch. Here is a picture I took when he took first place at beginner puppy training. I am taking the next level up with training and know that Willow will respond well. I am also sending a photo when he was younger and felt the need to sleep in my basket in the kitchen vs his kennel. Enjoy the photos because I sure enjoy my dog:) "

-Happy Owner-



Lisa "  His birthday was May 17, 2012.  We love our puppy, boys.  Thank you for bringing such a blessing into our lives. "


Ashley and Duke " and Marly's litter November 2011.  Duke continues to show me how awesome it is to be a golden.  We started with puppy kindergarten equipment and is so nice to other dogs (big or small) and people (big or equipment and is so nice to other dogs (big or small) and people (big or small).  I am so glad we glad we got Duke from you and thank you for keeping such great bloodlines.   "

-Ashley and Duke-

Patti " Pippi is an Aussiedoodle  Pippi is great fun. She is full of personality.   She is gorgeous and just a wonderful addition! "


Steve & Rita " Stephanie, We enjoyed the process of picking out our Goldendoodle. We had not  owned a dog in 25 years, and wanted to make a good choice.  You were very helpful and answered a lot of our questions in a very caring manner.  We could not be happier with our Goldendoodle. Otis is a very beautiful and very good puppy.  He has been a joy to have. I would use you again if we ever decided to get another! "

-Steve & Rita-

Audra " Here is a picture of the puppy we got from you.  He is such an cutie, and has a wonderful temperment!  He fit our family beautifully.   "


Kari and Holly " These pics are of our Morkie, "Tater" as in tater tot.  He is so funny and makes me laugh every day.  He has such a wonderful personality, he is a better fetcher than our golden retreiver was and he loves to cuddle.  We bought Tater at the end of June....loves the snow...he jumps like a rabbit in it.  He is very spoiled, but we don't care.  We just love him!   "

-Kari and Holly-

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